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HZ Goggles

HZ Goggles in a range of styles & colours including the very popular HZ Element & Swan Goggles.

HZ goggles are created with a high-flexibility, non-toxic and hypoallergenic polyurethane (TPU) frame.

The masks are designed with perfect ergonomics to give the best adaptability to your face. The viewing angle is over 180 %uFFFD and thanks to a perimeter ventilation, equipped with micro-filters protecting ducts from dust, the humidity is quickly dissipated.

All HZ lenses are made of Lexan AF / AS polycarbonate anti-fog and anti-scratch (except for mirrored lenses that are only anti-fog AF). Each lens is equipped with a tear-offs handler with a capacity of up to 28 tear-off lenses. The adjustable elastic band is equipped with anti-slip silicone bands with sliding hooks for the tear-off lenses.

For more information or to order online, simply select an HZ Goggle product from below.

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