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About Us

mx rider mid air off jump
mx rider riding in ruts


MX Superstore sells motocross products to MX Riders.

At JNR MOTO SPORTS we are a team of riders that have been in the thick of riding for over 30 years. We have felt the highs of trail riding, adventure riding with a bunch of lifetime mates, Motocross racing, club days, 1, 2, 4, and 6 day Enduro’s, as well as bench racing with the best bench racers in the country. We also know too well the lows of broken bodies, bikes, and bank accounts which is the hard part of what we love. We have worn out an untold amount of bikes, boots, bum bags, brakes and bottom ends. We are in love with the off road world and community and bring the experience and know how of what works and what is needed to survive and thrive in the off road world.


We have created our own products and motorcycle parts out of our own experiences and will continue with expanding our range as well as partnering with local and international suppliers that meet our high criteria standards. We will bring the best Motocross gear, Adventure gear, parts and accessories to our store.

We are not just here as a Moto business, we are here to support you with real world experience and make sure you get the right advice and products to avoid the pain of the broken bikes, body, and bank accounts. We want to see you get the best products that are out there and to keep you smiling with a face full of dirt and keep you having THAT feeling when you twist the throttle regardless if you are just starting out or are the seasoned rider.

-David and the JNR Moto Sports team.

No one wants to be stranded or let your mates down on a ride, so when you shop with us we are here to ensure you have access to the best off road and adventure bike parts and accessories so you can keep on riding and smiling with a face full of dirt all day.

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