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Voyager is the original Trail Tech Off-Road GPS, designed specifically to meet the needs of off-road riders. With Voyager you can download, record, and share maps while recording vital engine data. The 2.7 Inch TFT backlit display is ideal for viewing in any environment and gets easier to read in direct sunlight.


The map screen is monochrome, displaying maps in black and white. Plan routes on the web, then import to Voyager as gray routes ready to ride. As a new track is recording, a black line appears indicating where you have been.


Recorded tracks can be exported and combined to create entire riding areas. Need to edit trails? Voyager is supported by the free web app RIDELEADER.COM to help create, edit and save your epic rides. Download trails around your home or to plan your next vacation.


Voyager integrates with your vehicle using standard Trail Tech vehicle sensors, providing vital ride gauges such as engine temperature, RPM, battery voltage, speed/distance, and more.


At only 4.5 x 2.5 inches, Voyager is a great choice for many types of vehicles from adventure bikes to quads, UTVs and dirt bikes.


12V DC power required, make sure your vehicle has a battery.


Speed: 0-999 MPH

Distance: 0-250,000 mi

Altitude: 59,000 ft

Temperature: 0-260C

Accum. Run Time: 0-1,000,000 hr

GPS Sample Rate: 1-5 sec


External Power Input: 12V-60V DC

Internal Battery: 3.7V 900 mAh Li-Ion

Battery Life (Typical Use): 11 hours

Battery Life (100% Backlight): 6 hours

Battery Charge Time: 3-8 hours


Geodetic Datum: WGS84

GPS Chipset: MediaTek MT3329

Joystick: 5-Position High-Tactile

Wheel Sensor: Non-contact Magnet Sensor


Backlight: LED Group

Screen: 68.6mm Diagonal


Physical Dimensions: 113 x 62 x 28.2mm

Physical Weight: 172g

Max Waypoints: 300 waypoints

Max Track Points: 72,500 points

Max Route Points: 72,500 points

Max Tracks/Routes: 300 each


Kit Contents

7mm Fin Sensor: 7500-3003

Magnet Kit: 100-01

Wheel Sensor: 101-06

Mounting: 9000-1000

Power Lead: 9000-1011

Ignition Sensor Lead: 9000-1021

Micro SD Card Reader: 9000-MSDA

Micro SD Card: 9000-MSD2G


Protected by US Patent

Patent No. 8,708,205

Patent No. 8,848,356

Patent No. D635497

Patent No. D647434

Trail Tech Voyager Digital GPS Speedo Gauge Ktm 7mm Fin Sensor

SKU: 912-109
Sales Tax Included
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