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The MUC-OFF Motorcycle Secure Airtag Holder is a must-have accessory for any motorcycle owner concerned about security. This holder provides a safe and secure way to attach an Airtag to your bike, allowing you to track it with ease. The holder is made from durable materials to withstand the rigors of the road and provides a tracking peace of mind, knowing that your bike is always secure. The holder is easy to install and fits most motorcycle models, making it a convenient addition to your riding gear. Don't leave the safety of your bike to chance, get the MUC-OFF Motorcycle Secure Airtag Holder today.

Note: Apple Air Tag not included.

MUC-OFF Motorcycle Secure Airtag Holder

SKU: 20935
Sales Tax Included
Back orders due Mid October
  • Features:

    • Durable, precision CNC machined, 6061 aluminium frame and clamp
    • Easy to install and mount securely
    • Super stealthy, non-rattle design
    • Supplied with anti-theft security screws and clamp key
    • 2 part, heat resistant polymer holder
    • Small, lightweight, super-easy to fit
    • Supplied with 4 different silicone clamp grip sizes enabling you to mount to different diameter wires and cables
    • Designed to be mounted discreetly in hidden areas, i.e. under motorcycle seat, within the engine bay or under side fairings
    • Ideally suited to high populous areas such as city centre
  • 1 x Secure AirTag Holder Clamp and Tag Holder

    4 x Silicone clamp grip sizes

    4 x Security screws

    1 x Security key

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