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Acerbis X-Fit Future Armour Level 2 Features

  • Protective summer / winter underwear
  • Highly breathable Dryarn technology fabric with incredible elasticity and softness
  • Bacteriostatic
  • Side zip closure
  • Compatible with Neck Brace
  • Removable P.O.I. technology protections in Visco - Elastic material
  • Chest / back / shoulder / elbow protectors more ergonomic, soft and thin
  • Added Memory Foam hips protection
  • New cold hand woven fabric
  • Mesh fabric is fitted at the highest perspiration points (arms / hips / armpits / chest / back) for optimal ventilation.


  • Chest protection with EN 1621-3 LEVEL 2 approval
  • Back protector with EN-1621-2 EC LEVEL 2 approval
  • Shoulder and elbow protection extended in soft material with EN-1621-1 EC LEVEL 2 approval
  • Hip protectors in two-layer viscoelastic perforated material


Acerbis Armour X-Fit Future Level 2

Sales Tax Included
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