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Introducing the perfect knobby tyre for kids' quad bikes, the Quad Tire 4.10-6" Inch Knobby Tyre! Designed specifically for children's quad bikes, this tyre features sturdy construction and advanced tread pattern to provide maximum traction on various terrains. The knobby design ensures superior grip and control, allowing young riders to navigate through rough and uneven surfaces with ease. With a 4.10-6" inch size, this tyre is compatible with most kids' quad bikes, making it a versatile and practical choice for parents and young riders. Whether it's off-road adventures or casual rides, the Quad Tire 4.10-6" Inch Knobby Tyre is the ideal option to keep your child safe and secure while they enjoy their quad bike.

Quad Tire 4.10- 6" Inch Knobby Tyre

SKU: QT4.1
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