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Traction, traction, traction - Move forwards, not sideways, thanks to Bridgestone’s proprietary block design that delivers outstanding acceleration and braking response.

Pro circuit technology - The Battlecross X20 integrates technology developed on the pro circuit, for all types of riders from beginners to international championship riders.

Amazing cornering grip - The Battlecross X20’s incredible grip straightens out even the most challenging course, letting you corner like you’re on rails!

Huge operating range - Developed to handle a wide range of terrain from soft to medium and even mud, this really is one versatile performer!

Fast, easy mounting - Fully symmetrical block alignment on the rear tyre means it can be mounted in either direction for an even faster changeover in the pits.

Bridgestone X20 Soft Rear Tyre 110/100/18

SKU: 8001667
Sales Tax Included
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